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Not Your Average Frenectomy

A frenectomy (tongue tie release) is a quick procedure. It can make a huge difference in your child's feeding, speech, breathing, sleeping, and jaw and airway development.

A frenectomy can be life changing!


-it is not a quick fix (re-training function and habit is the true magic)

-wound aftercare is necessary (biology dictates that wounds tighten - the opposite of what we want after a frenectomy)

-a "snip" is not sufficient (we need the whole tongue to elevate, not just the front)

-the tongue is connected to the body (one cut doesn't cure muscle tension and dysfunction)

-it doesn't mean breastfeeding becomes instantly easy (there are lots of reasons people struggle with breastfeeding)

-just because it's quick, doesn't mean it's easy (Dr. in front of their name doesn't mean they know anything about tongue ties or frenectomies)

Children are suffering because of medical professionals who do not truly understand the tongue!

-they are not respecting parents' concerns

-they are not looking at quality of life

-they are not willing to say, "I don't know, let me help you find someone who does"

-they are not referring out for necessary therapies

-they are not performing complete releases

-they are not teaching appropriate frenectomy aftercare

-they are not taking the time to make sure that issues actually improve

Hearts have cardiologists. Feet have podiatrists. Eyes have ophthalmologists. Who do tongues have?

Well, honestly, they have you. If you're here, you likely already know this stuff, so your job is to spread that knowledge. Tell your relative, friend, and co-worker to trust their instincts. Tell them that breastfeeding difficulties need a lactation consultant, feeding difficulties need a feeding therapist, and speech difficulties need a speech therapist. Tell them it's worth the time, money, and energy to help their children THRIVE. Help them find someone who recognizes that structure, function, and behavior are all factors in treating issues related to the mouth, jaws, and tongue.

(And if you're in Las Vegas, well, you have us.)

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