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Jefferyanna Nelson, CLC

Jefferyanna is a professionally trained DONA doula and lactation counselor who has been serving the Las Vegas area since 2017. As a doula she is honored to walk with families as they navigate their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Jefferyanna recognizes that having a baby is an incredibly profound, intimate and life changing experience. It is her first priority to make her families feel safe, heard, and cared for. Her goal is to help parents  feel empowered and confident in their choices while also connecting them to resources available in their community.

Jefferyanna’s long-term interests include becoming a leader in professional career development to help future doulas build their professional vision. Jefferyanna enjoys collaborating with other passionate professions and has a strong desire to keep learning. Her experience as a mother and professional drives her desire to create accessible, quality prenatal care for families that build their confidence and intuition as parents. 

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