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professional services


Local healthcare professionals are always welcome at the Smart Mouth office. We thrive on the interprofessional relationships that are necessary for our patients' ultimate successes.


Requests for Dr. Tara's advice and experience on building a function focused dental practice can often be satisfied with Zoom, phone, and/or email correspondence.

Price is $250/hour.


For doctors who want a personalized and in-depth experience to learn about frenectomies and the Smart Mouth model, we offer in (our) office, one-on-one mentoring. 

More Information

The Smart Mouth office and model was born from a long labor of dedication, passion, and the desire to serve the community. Dr. Tara and the whole team feel that this area of healthcare is not only fundamentally important but greatly underrepresented. We are constantly in motion to enhance our knowledge through experience and education, with the ultimate goal of helping each individual patient improve their health.

Dr. Tara Erson created Smart Mouth in July 2018.  At the time, Dr. Tara had 2 years of experience performing infant frenectomies (first with a diode, then with a CO2 laser), and could no longer ignore the difference it made in the feeding experiences of babies and their parents. After taking hundreds of hours of specialized continuing education, she decided to take the leap and open an entire "dental practice" dedicated to the concept of improving tongue function and addressing the consequences of tongue dysfunction.

Investing the time and finances to create an untested business model from scratch is intimidating, but as Smart Mouth has proven, is ultimately incredibly satisfying for both the members of the team and their patients! Dr. Tara and the team have worked hard to develop a process that they feel helps create predictable and successful results for all ages.

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