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Evelin O.

Evelin was born in California but has been raised in Las Vegas since she was just three months old. She began her career as a dental assistant in 2013 and has developed a passion for working with children, ensuring their comfort and providing excellent care during their dental visits. Since 2015, Evelin has been working as a dental assistant alongside Dr. Tara, who was primarily focused on children's dentistry at the time. Throughout their time, Evelin's interest emerged in assisting Dr. Tara with early-stage treatment of various issues, particularly tongue ties, recognizing the substantial impact they can have on individuals' lives.

Outside of work, Evelin cherishes quality time with her family. In her leisure time, she finds joy in listening to various genres of music, exploring new recipes and cuisines, and indulging in different foods. Despite the passage of time, her enduring love for the Super Mario Brothers series, a cherished childhood game, persists to this day.

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